Our first global community project

Dear all,

As part as a research project we want to use our network to collect samples around the world: A true Citizen Science Project! As you might be aware of, plastics are a major issue in the environment. One group of plastics that we are very concerned about are microplastics. A short intro on the issues regarding microplastics can be found here.

So… what are we asking? That you visit a beach on your vacation, collect some sand, and return it to Leiden University College where we analyze the samples. We hope you can bring back 5 small bags of sand, take a picture from the beach, and use your cell phone/mobile to get the GPS coordinates…

Collection instruction can be downloaded here: Sampling Instructions

Please let us know if you have questions,

Thijs Bosker (t.bosker@luc.leidenuniv.nl), Martina Vijver and Paul Behrens



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