An update from the Golden Rock

The past week, we have been collecting sand on the islands of Anguilla, St. Martin, St. Eustatius and St. Barthélemy. It was one big adventure, resulting in major sunburns, two big suitcases filled with 30 kgs of sand and several border securities laughing at our big, blue bucket and peeling skin.

Although we were far distanced from the rainy and cold weather in The Netherlands, we had to face other challenges whilst sampling in this part of Europe: we had to scare away tourists, sample around 17th century old ruins, climb a mountain to the other side of St. Barthélemy and try not to get lost with the not-so-detailed free tourist map we stole from a taxi driver.

As we speak, we are setting up the lab in our “homebase,” at the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute in St. Eustatius to start the extractions. When we get back, we will proceed with the global and Dutch samples as well! Want to be part of our global project?  Make sure to check out the sampling instructions, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a message on Facebook!




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